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Anti-corrosion techniques for mining electric locomotives

2021-08-05 16:22
Tip 1: Beware of small scars
The paint surface of the mine electric locomotive often appears rust. In addition to common collisions and scratches, the small boulders from the tires that hit the paint surface when driving will also cause the paint surface to appear peeled off one by one, for a long time. It will produce small rust spots. These small scars are mostly inconspicuous and easy to be ignored. Therefore, the car body, the engine compartment cover and the surroundings of the car body should be checked regularly. Once found, they should be treated in a professional beauty shop in time.
Tip 2: Check the humidity in places prone to stagnant water frequently
It is inevitable for a mine electric locomotive to run into rain or snow or pass a muddy water pavement. Sludge is likely to accumulate in some voids such as the bottom of the vehicle and the floor inside the vehicle. If the owner does not clean it in time, this will Let the moisture be hidden. Therefore, the inner and outer edges of the wheel, the door, the bottom corner of the trunk, the door keyhole and the movable part of the wiper holder, etc., must be checked frequently. At the same time, keep the door and the drainage holes of the body open and check the interior coverings. The humidity, such as carpets, prevents rusting of floor components.
Tip 3: Use soft lacquer to seal glaze
Some mine electric locomotives with soft paint surface may cause fine pinch marks when sand particles hit the car body during high-speed driving. For this type of car, the car body can be glaze-sealed, which can form a strong net-like protective film. , Improve the hardness of the paint surface, the effect can be maintained for about a year, and the coating can also achieve a similar effect. In addition, the bottom of the mining electric locomotive can be armored or sealed to protect the chassis from acid rain and corrosion, so that the original protective layer is not easy to crack and fall off, and it can also prevent small stones from impacting the chassis during driving.
Tip 4: Better not to cover the jersey
Mine electric locomotives are parked outdoors. If it encounters windy and rainy weather, the inner layer of the car jacket will repeatedly beat the paint, especially if wind and sand are blown into the car jacket, countless lanes will be drawn on the car body. Small scratches will cause the paint to become black after a long period of time. In addition, do not directly use a duster or rag to clean the sand on the car body after the wind and sand, but should be washed with water, also to prevent the dust on the duster and rag Scratch the paint surface.
The above is the entire content of the rust removal method for mining electric locomotives that we have shared for you. I believe you will have a deeper understanding of the equipment after reading this article.