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The contents and functions of each part of mining electric locomotive

2021-07-29 09:11
In terms of functions, mining electric locomotives are divided into a control part, a safety part, a movement part, an energy part, and other auxiliary parts in addition to the body as the overall structure and support.
The control part is mainly the master controller, followed by the switches of the brake device and the sanding device. The master controller controls the start, stop, and speed regulation of the electric locomotive. Secondly, some switches that can be controlled by electronic switches, such as electronic horns and lighting (warning) lights, may also be connected.
The safety part mainly includes the brake device and the gas cut-off device. Braking devices include mechanical braking, hydraulic braking and air braking, among which mechanical braking, as the most primitive and reliable braking method, must be installed. The gas power cut-off device detects the gas concentration in the environment, and will automatically cut off the power when the gas concentration reaches a certain standard to avoid danger.
The moving part includes a motor, a reduction gear box, and a wheel set. The electric motor receives the current from the battery or the pantograph to work, and then is adjusted to the appropriate speed through the gearbox and then drives the wheels to move, or directly drives the wheels to move (the former is a secondary drive, the latter is a primary drive).
The energy part is the battery or the pantograph. The storage battery supplies the motor with its own stored electric energy, and the pantograph guides the current of the overhead line into the motor for energy. Electric locomotives that use batteries as energy are called battery electric locomotives, and the latter are called overhead electric locomotives.
Other parts include sanding devices for auxiliary movement (increasing the friction coefficient between the wheels and the rail surface), spring brackets to protect the motor from being damaged by bumps during movement, electronic horns, and lighting (warning) lights.