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5 Ton Explosion-proof battery Coal mine locomotive

1. Product Model And Traction Analysis ( 5 Ton Explosion-proof Battery mine Locomotive (CTY2.5/6GB)) CTY5/679GB(P) CTY: Mine battery electric locomotive(Normal or anti-explosion type) 5: The electric locomotive weighs 5 tons 5679: Indicates that t

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1.Product Model And Traction Analysis (5 Ton Explosion-proof Battery mine Locomotive(CTY2.5/6GB))  


CTY: Mine battery electric locomotive(Normal or anti-explosion type)

5: The electric locomotive weighs 5 tons

5679: Indicates that the gauge is divided into three types: 500600762900 or as required

GB(P): G means resistance speed regulation

GB means chopping speed regulation

GP means frequency conversion speed regulation

The normal traction of a 5 ton battery  locomotive is about 5 tons on a slope of 3‰ (need to subtract the weight of the locomotive)
2. Introduction Of Battery Electric Locomotive

Electric locomotives are mainly used for rail transportation in mines or tunnels which is applied in tracting mine wagons man car underground. 

This 5 ton electric locomotive is generally suitable for small mines as auxiliary transportation tools or main traction transportation tools.
3. What Should Know Before Make A Inqury?

1. Does the electric locomotive need to be explosion-proof?
    If it is in a coal mine containing gas special explosion-proof locomotives are required. Ordinary type can be used in metal mines and mines that do not contain gas.

2. Gauge selection: standard gauges are generally 600762 and 900 and different gauges can be customized according to requirements.

3. Controller Method: resistance IGBT chopping frequency conversion and remote control are four options.

4. Power supply type selection: lead-acid battery (both ordinary and explosion-proof type)
   maintenance-free battery (both ordinary and explosion-proof type) lithium battery (ordinary type).
    Lithium batteries are maintenance-free and have a long service life. The service life is about 5 times that of ordinary lead-acid batteries.

5. Selection of braking methods: mechanical braking hydraulic braking and air braking.

6. If you don’t know how to select you can provide Mine Humiditydust  Transportation Distancenumber Of Bends Load Weight Working Hours Of A Shift Working And Other Specific Working Conditions so that we can help you choose the most suitable Battery Electric locomotive.

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Model CTY5/679G(B)
Total-weight 5t
Track gague 500600762 or 900mm
Tracktion force 7.06kN
Max traction 12.26kN
Speed 7km/h
Battery device Voltage 90V
Capacity 385Ah
Motor power 7.5 kW×2
dimensions Lenght 3170mm
Width 9201082 or 1220mm
Height 1550mm
Wheel base 850mm
Wheel diameter Φ520mm
Min turn radius 6m
Controlling way Resistence or IGBT
Brake way Mechnical brake or hydraulic