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What are the advantages of mining electric locomotives?

2021-07-10 13:35
The mining electric locomotive is a kind of electric locomotive used for long-term transportation underground and on the road. Its working principle is that the transmission device drives the wheels to rotate, thereby pulling the train to travel, thus completing the coal, gangue, materials, equipment, and personnel. Delivery. So what are the advantages of mining electric locomotives?
With the development of society and economy, mining electric locomotives have now become an important means of transportation, whose main function is to transport coal, rocks, various equipment, materials and supplies in coal mine production. Because of its long horizontal transportation distance under the mine, electric locomotives are the primary transportation equipment. The suitable slope of the electric locomotive is usually about 3‰, and the local limit slope cannot exceed 30‰.
Mine electric locomotive is an important tool in the process of mining and transportation of resources such as coal mines. With the increasing number of projects, the development of electric locomotives for mining has gradually gained attention. Compared with the current existing technology in our country, the adhesive weight of electric locomotives is developing in the direction of large tonnage. The adhesion weight of the electric locomotive is actually proportional to the number of mine cars towed. The engineering efforts are increased, and the load capacity of the mine cars is gradually developing, which causes the adhesion weight of the electric locomotive to keep up. Improve the running speed of the locomotive, improve the transportation efficiency, realize the multi-pull fast running, and reduce the transportation cost.
Adopt advanced braking system to ensure safe transportation. In addition to hand brakes and electric brakes, wind brakes and hydraulic brakes are added to make the brakes sensitive and accurate; reduce the operating distance of idle travel and enhance the safety and reliability of braking. Carry out the optimization of the transportation system, establish scientific transportation scheduling, and do a good job of transportation statistics comparison; develop in the direction of high automation, realize automatic control or centralized control of locomotives, and improve the level of transportation technology.
As energy saving has become the focus of global attention, the energy efficiency of motor design has increasingly become a concern. Electric locomotive accessories products continue to cooperate with the development trend of the industry, helping designers improve energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption, improve reliability, reduce the number of components, etc., and play an active role in achieving energy saving.

Above are the advantages of mining electric locomotive, any comments please feel free to contact us.