3 Ton Explosion-proof Battery Locomotive

Speed:4.54 km/h
Dimensions:2330*950*1550 or as required
Horsepower:3.5kw or 4.5kw
Product Name: 3 ton Explosion-proof battery locomotive for coal mine

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Product Details

Product Introduction:
3 ton Explosion-proof Battery locomotives are used for gas and coal dust accumulated transportation and roadway transportation. The battery locomotive equipped with battery pack as energy with no limited of distance.
Main features: small overall dimensions, short wheelbase, flexible, higher brake fast and reliable, simple structure, easy maintenance, suitable for small and medium-sized mine transportation.

3 ton battery locomotive, high quality underground battery electric locomotive for railway Adhesive / total weight (t)  3ton
Track gauge (mm) 600,762 or 900
Traction (KN) 2.55
Max. Traction (KN) 6.13
Speed(km/h) 4.54
Battery Voltage (V) 48
Battery Capacity (Ah) 330
Power (KW) 4.5*1
Dimensions Length(mm) 2360
Width(mm) 914,1076 or 1214
Height(mm) 1550
Wheelbase (mm) 650
Wheel diameter (mm) 460
Min Curve radius (m) 5
Controller Resistance or IGBT
Braking method Mechanical Brake

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Product details


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